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"I am the sunset"Stephane Waser - Managing Director

When everything tends to slow down and people decide to “call it a day”, I particularly enjoy looking back at my day, reflect on priorities, re-focus.
This is also when I can get things done most efficiently and creative ideas are put to paper. It’s a very energetic period of the day for me so sometimes, when I get going, the sunset practically transforms into sunrise.
Having no obligation to stop and being able to carry on is a great feeling.

My relationship to time is one of gratefulness and enjoyment.
As the Managing Director of Maurice Lacroix, I feel privileged to be able to live my passion for luxury watchmaking whilst at the same time leading the growth of such a progressive, ambitious and fresh brand.
I am thankful to every second of my Pontos S and always try to make the most out of it.

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