Adam Garone

«Who dares wins.»


How do you define success?
I believe your success is defined by your significance.  I believe that being successful is a journey to realize your greatest potential and a necessary steppingstone to becoming significant.  Significance comes when you use your success and influence to serve a greater purpose that makes this world a better place.  Success lasts a lifetime whereas significance can survive time. 

Do you have a key sentence/motto about success?
WHO DARES WINS. Motto of the Australian Special Air Service Regiment. This is a bold statement that in my world embodies an entrepreneur spirit that is driven to win. 

What inspires you? And where do you find your inspiration?
I draw inspiration from the team I work with, from the men who we serve and their stories of survival.

Could you tell us about your success? What is the short-story of your success?
I’m the CEO & co-founder of Movember, the annual world-wide charity movement dedicated to changing the face of men’s health - all through the power of the moustache. To date, over 3 million moustaches have been grown and supported for Movember, raising €327 million which is funding world class programs focused on prostate and testicular cancer, and male mental health.
Movember began in 2003, when my brother, Travis, and friend Luke decided to bring the moustache back into fashion for a month. They convinced 30 friends, including myself, to grow a Mo (Aussie slang for moustache) for the 30 days of Movember, formerly known as November.
We were surprised by the amount of fun we had and the many conversations sparked by our Mo’s. The next year, four of us decided to make Mo-growing an annual, official charitable event by adding an important cause-prostate cancer. Inspired by what the women in their lives were doing for breast cancer, it was decided that the moustache was the perfect hairy ribbon for men’s health. From there, Movember has grown into the world’s largest non-government funder of men’s health programs, with official campaigns in 21 countries.
Prior to my role at Movember, I spent five years working in a corporate environment developing, managing and marketing emerging web and mobile technologies for companies such as Vodafone. My career began with the Australian Army and Special Forces where I served as an officer for nine years.

Do you have “5 rules” to follow and keep on being successful?
1.Create a vision that is so real you feel what its like to have achieved it, develop a detailed plan, then work really hard to make it happen
2.Surround yourself with brilliant people who share your vision, passion and work ethic
3.Keep your customers and community central to everything you do
4.Use technology as an accelerator
5.Make time to think strategically


Do you have a ritual that you follow everyday?
- Wake up, groom my moustache
- Make a healthy juice and good coffee
- Create a plan for the day, by asking myself: What is it that I want to achieve today?
- Cycle to work.
- Work hard, have fun, do good!
- Cycle home.
- Relax & Repeat.

« I’ve learned that life is about the time spent enduring and enjoying the journey, not the destination. »

What do you avoid to continue being successful?
Distractions…. Through the rapid growth of Movember I’m continuously faced with a myriad of opportunities and distractions.  A rule we live by at Movember is: What you say no to defines you more than what you say yes to.

Do you have advice for the younger generations?
- Lead by example and inspire those around you
- Do something you love and have fun doing it
- Do something that makes the world a bit better
- Be five minutes early, be prepared, be present and always contribute
- Know that there is no substitute for hard work

How important is time in your life? And what does time represents for you?
I’ve learned that life is about the time spent enduring and enjoying the journey, not the destination. True fulfillment, happiness and pride come from the journey itself, not when you have reached the destination.

How do you deal with time questions in your work?
Time is short.  You must make your time at work the most productive it can possibly be and always make quality time for your family, friends and for yourself.

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