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DISCOVER THE masterpiece seconde mysterieuse
through sandro reginelli

Sandro Reginelli

No fear, be curious, believe in yourself and Love what you do.

How do you define success?
Inspiration, passion, hard work in all you do.

What inspires you? And where do you find your inspiration?
Everything that brings me emotion starting by people.  Through my instinct

Could you tell us about your success? What is the short-story of your success?
My success is my family, Wake up every morning see my daughters and wife happy. This gives me the energy to move mountains.

Do you have a “5 rules” to follow and keep on being successful?
Not fearing the failure, fearing the regrets …

Do you have a ritual that you follow everyday?
No ritual, just being who I am.

What do you avoid to keep on being successful?
No boundaries / everything is possible.

Do you have advices for the young generations?
No fear, be curious, believe in yourself and Love what you do. 

How important time is and has been in your life? And what does time represents for you?
Time is my daily inspiration, motivation, passion … my continual quest to bring emotion out of it. “how can we magnify it and wear it on a wrist”.

How do you deal with time questions in your work?
Time is my 1st ingredient. Everyday I try to make it more beautiful.

«Not fearing the failure, fearing the regrets … »

How Maurice Lacroix is a natural continuum of your everyday life? What place does it have in your life?
I am very lucky, being in charge of Product and R&D at Maurice Lacroix, allows me to wear everyday a different Maurice Lacroix timepieces. But what makes me proud is the feeling of being at the very 1st pencil stroke and after all hard work from all Maurice Lacroix people to have one day on my wrist. “love what you do”.

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