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Success is a journey, not a destination

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The city as an inspiration
on your journey to success

Each city has its own narrative, feeling, dynamic. A crossroads of influences, a focal point where men and women shape the present and future. Your city is an inspiration on your journey to success.

New York

Aikon Chronograph with a blue calf leather strap



Pontos Chronograph with a black leather strap



Masterpiece Skeleton with black crocodile strap



Aikon Ladies Steel and Yellow Gold with a diamond dial and diamond bezel


Their inspiration

Our friends of the brand truly embody our DNA, their journey is unique and powerful.

Diipa Khosla

Fashion influencer, model, consultant and speaker, Diipa Khosla was raised in India, and left the country at the age of 17 to continue her journey towards success. Her mission is to inspire and guide her followers from all over the world, never ending her search for beauty, novelty, and surprises.

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James Magnussen

An athlete must exhibit an inner belief that he will achieve sporting greatness. Many successful sporting figures have experienced personal injury as they explore the limits of human performance. Despite suffering pain and occasional disappointment, a true competitor never gives up, retaining self-belief and continuing to aim for medal-winning glory.

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Andy Yeung

A true lover of art, this award-winning photographer has an absolute passion for landscapes, architecture and aerial photography. Born and raised in Hong-Kong, he has a keen eye for extraordinary things and is internationally renowned for his aerial city shots.

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Aikon collection

Recognise your success, be your own icon.

Maurice Lacroix has conceived an iconic, contemporary timepiece with six 'arms' embracing its stylish bezel, the Aikon. This watch exhibits an elegant appearance, features a highly precise quartz movement and, courtesy of Maurice Lacroix's manufacturing expertise, exhibits excellent quality. Indeed, this rare blend of attributes makes this timepiece an Aikon and perfectly benefits those individuals seeking success and iconic status. Be your Aikon. Your time is now.

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