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Brand - Values

What we believe in

Living by the mantra #YourTimeIsNow, we never lose sight of the values we hold dear because they make us who we are. Join us to make the now the most precious asset in life, and enjoy the ride.

Success is a journey, not a destination

We all have our own definition of what success is. At Maurice Lacroix, we believe that it is defined by more than just our achievements. What matters is the path we take to reach our goals. There are no shortcuts; failures are just stepping stones. Success demands a heady mix of courage, hard work and having convictions in our own ideas. It is about learning to trust our instincts and being willing to try new things.

The active, urban spirit

We are thrilled with every aspect of urban life. Cities foster our creativity and ignite our inspiration. They kick our adrenaline into high gear, prompting us to step away from our routine and embrace the unknown with open arms. Seeking to replicate that energy, we have selected partnership activities that make the heart of the city beat. Brought together, there is no limit to what we can experience.

Master your time

We persistently embrace the concept of timeless yet iconic, approachable Swiss-made watches. For nearly half a century, our creations have consistently been regarded as masterpieces and therefore manufactured in our own state-of-the-art workshops in Saignelégier, in the Swiss Jura mountains. Here, our high-perceived value pieces are enriched with a wealth of watchmaking expertise, technological prowess, and a commitment to uncompromising quality. By championing Swiss craftsmanship and upholding the utmost standards throughout every facet, this journey remains, above all, a profoundly human endeavour.


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