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Who is Benzilla ?

"Experiment new style to the next level and doing art as long as I can."

"For me, time is the most luxury thing that money can't buy."

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Maurice Lacroix & Benzilla

Benzilla’s colourful art takes inspiration from cheerful pop culture figures. The street artist is equally talented at creating large-scale paintings as he is customising a pair of trainers—“I like challenges, I'm lucky to be contacted by brands that appreciate my art and give me a lot of creative freedom”, he explains. For the past ten years the Thai artist has made his passion his profession. Thanks to his sharp eye, thirst for learning and talent, Benzilla has made a name for himself in a highly competitive field. His attitude, creativity and curiosity immediately won over Maurice Lacroix, who saw in him a talent that would be a perfect addition to the brand’s circle of friends. Delighted to be able to conquer the megacities in search of spaces to paint, and wearing an AIKON Chronograph on his wrist, Benzilla explains that the feeling was mutual: “For me, Maurice Lacroix is young, design-orientated and limitless! I like their vision and the message they convey: ‘Success is a journey, not a destination’. I’m honoured to be part of the brand’s circle of friends and I look forward to our future projects together”, the artist concludes.


The aim?

“Challenge myself day after day!".

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