Who is Ditaji Kambundji?

Surpassing our limits with Ditaji Kambundji

"In my sport, every second, every tenth of a second, counts. Time is always on my side when I am well-timed. It reflects everything I have achieved."

Maurice Lacroix - Ditaji Kambundji

Maurice Lacroix is proud to welcome hurdler Ditaji Kambundji to the ML Crew. With such an impressive stride, this young athlete has made her debut appearance as one of the greatest talents in the 100 metre hurdles. In 2020, and at the young age of 18, she became the fastest hurdler in the world for her age group, stopping the clock at 13.07 seconds. And one year on, the athlete's fighting spirit is still flying high: “My ultimate goal is to take part in the Olympic Games”, Ditaji explains.

Ditaji's personality was a deciding factor when we asked her to join the Friends of the Brand family, explains Stéphane Waser, Managing Director of Maurice Lacroix. "Ditaji demonstrates a fighting spirit and undeniable talent. Just under the age of 20, her character traits have already transformed her into a great athlete. We are delighted to join her in her unstoppable race to the top!" Ditaji has already embraced several of the brand's watches: "I love the AIKON. I think it's young, stylish and sporty. But even more so than the watch's aesthetics, I especially appreciate how affordable the brand is — the prices are very reasonable for luxury watches — and the relationships I've been able to forge with the team members. I am not just an ambassador for the brand, they want to join me on my journey, which is something that I really value".



Goal: Participating in the Olympic Games 



2021 Swiss 60 metre hurdles champion and Under-20 Swiss record holder.

2020 Current 100 m hurdles Swiss champion. Born in 2002, she is the fastest athlete in the world in the 100 m hurdles.

2019 Bronze medallist in the European Youth Olympic Festival in the 100 m hurdles.

Multiple Swiss Junior Championship medallist.


Date of birth: 20 May 2002 | Place of residence: Bern

Profession: Hurdler - specialisation: 100m


"I want to improve my time as much as possible in order to qualify for the most prestigious championships."

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