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The Maurice Lacroix friends

« Success is a Journey, not a destination »

Maurice Lacroix is proud of the brand’s circle of friends: athletes, artists, entrepreneurs, etc. Each comes from a different field, yet they all represent the Maurice Lacroix ethos: Success is a journey, not a destination. Believing in your talent means, above all, knowing how to learn from your successes as well as failures, all while never losing sight of your goal. Each man and woman we have wanted to collaborate with has impressed us with their authentic personality, and also, beyond their talent, with a mindset that does not allow them to back down in the face of obstacles.

Dear Friends of our Brand: Your Time is Now!

Stéphane Waser, Managing Director

Maurice Goedecke and Jan Armbruster

To become a leading platform for the physical and virtual sale of innovative products.


Continue to grow my brand on an international level.


Challenge myself day after day!


Yusuke Sato

Continue to explore the world to capture exciting images.

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Ryosuke Sakazume

Ryosuke Sakazume wants to give back his letters of nobility to well-kept shoes. Through the care gestures he proposes, his aim is to make people want to pamper their shoes as they do with other luxury accessories.

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Lidija Lijić

Lidija Lijić wants to continue to do what makes her happy and that's diving. She would also like to try and achieve a new world record for under-ice apnoea.


Marta Bassino

Marta Bassino wants to reconfirm her value in the discipline of giant slalom and regain the consistency she has lacked in the past.


Palina Kozyrava

To inspire my community & motivate people to reach for the stars.


Yosef Wolde-Mariam

Produce new music with Madcon and make a new season as mentor at the tv show The Voice in Norway.


Adil Dyani

Doing a new world record in both Bomb Drop and Air.


Tetsu Kasuya

Unveil the power and complexity of coffee.


Adeline Ziliox

Become established in the Parisian scene as a reference in French fashion.


Sarah Atcho

Taking part in the Olympic Games is a dream for every athlete but, for me, it’s much more than a dream. It’s my goal.


Anders Mol & Christian Sørum

Win the gold at the next Olympic Games, and popularise this wonderful discipline called Beach Volley Ball.


Sarah Forster

Playing with the Swiss team in her seventh world championships in Canada before competing in the Beijing 2022 Olympic Games.

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Team Lausanne 3x3

Qualification for the 2021 Olympic Games.

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Kim & Morgane Métraux

Succeed in qualifying for the 2020 LPGA Tour.

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Ben & Leo

Continue rewriting the rules of cuisine!

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Yannick Aellen

Recognise Swiss talents and make them shine.

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