Who is Isaac Bonga?

Isaac Bonga - Time often determines success or failure

"For me, time is about being on time whether that is for a team briefing, a flight or anything else related to my role in the team. This is same for most people in employment. The main thing is that we enjoy what we do because we only have a limited amount of time on this planet."

Maurice Lacroix - Isaac Bonga

Maurice Lacroix is pleased to welcome German professional basketball player, Isaac Bonga to the ML Crew. This giant of a man plays for the NBA team, the Washington Wizards, and is a welcome addition to the team, a group of talented and passionate individuals from around the globe. Despite being only 21, Isaac Bonga has already achieved so much. When he played for Germany against Serbia, he was the youngest ever player in the national team. Making his NBA debut he scored his first points against Memphis. Isaac has a distinctive playing style, best described as modern and relaxed. "Basketball requires players to be tough and passionate about what they do.” For Isaac, a watch is an essential tool when it comes to timing. Wearing a Maurice Lacroix even more “I was seduced by the AIKON and its very urban and sporty design. I find this watch perfectly reflects my style! What's more, I like the idea that the brand offers such high quality watches at affordable prices. It's a state of mind that suits me!”

Stéphane Waser, Managing Director of Maurice Lacroix, stated, “Behind Isaac's casual style is an extremely talented player who has made a name in the NBA. We are very proud to accompany Isaac in his future performances as he perfectly represents the image of the ML Crew.”


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