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Who are the Métraux sisters?

“Time means a lot to us. Time is also the most precious ally we have when we get to spend it with our family.”

They are two sisters. Kim is the eldest and is turning 24 in spring. She is two years older than her sister Morgane. When they were little they chose golf clubs over dolls. Together, they continued their studies while juggling training with the ambition to participate in the biggest world golf championships. The sisters flew to the United States in order to reach the goal they set for themselves. When they were there, the Métraux duo worked on their swing with their coaches. The training has already paid off as they enjoyed the taste of victory with a silver medal that they won at the 2016 World Team Championships in Cancun, Mexico. First challenge of this year? Earn enough points on the different Symetra Tour (right now and until November) tournaments to qualify for the LPGA Tour where the best players in the world play. Second challenge: participation in the Tokyo 2021 Games… Stay tuned!

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For the duo, the LPGA Tour qualification stage is crucial, as it is a tournament with a major international impact in the golf world.

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