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Who is Letar ?

"I would love to continue doing what I’m doing now but in an even more artistic way. I just started to do NARA unique project. And I want to have my own exhibition. Telling the story about what I passionate about through my garment design and some art piece."

"For me, time is precious. It’s a priceless thing you can’t buy but you can spend. Don’t waste it whether it’s yours or not."

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Maurice Lacroix & Letar

Letar, whose real name is Pimnarra Sangngern is a passionate woman with a free spirit. It is through her travels that the young woman drew her inspiration for her brand NARA design. Her airy, pure and structured silhouettes evoke escape, femininity and art, three universes that day after day allow her to reinvent the outfits from her collections. Her label, which she created at home in Thailand, is worked with the greatest care by local craftsmen: "It is essential to be able to develop local resources, talents that are just waiting to be expressed". Very sensitive to ecology, Letar makes sure to create clothes developed with an ecological conscience. This fashion enthusiast continues to make a name for herself in Asia as well as internationally, where several magazines have already exhibited her poetic creations.


“Continue to grow my brand on an international level."

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