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Who is Lidija Lijić?

“Doing what I love most: continuing to explore the waters of the world. ”

“Time makes things worthwhile. If you’re on time, that means you care about each other, if you wait long enough, it’s worth it, if it lasts long enough, it must be love or friendship... Time and its perception determine how you relate to people and things.”

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Maurice Lacroix & Lidija Lijić

Lidjia has been fascinated by the underwater world and its depths since she was small. And it was in Split, where she grew up, that this passion for the water and its mysteries became her profession. Lidija has since worked relentlessly to always go above and beyond. The freediver has made her dreams a reality on multiple occasions, having achieved several world records. She holds 4 world records for freediving as well as a Guinness World Record for under-ice apnoea. A real adventurer, the sportswoman has also obtained her pilot’s licence, and when she isn’t diving, she can be found gladly climbing in the mountains. This well-rounded athlete, who achieved the impressive time of 5 minutes 43 seconds in freediving, still has more underwater dreams she hopes to explore... life moments that she’ll share with Maurice Lacroix!


The aim?

“I want to continue to do what makes me happy and that's diving. I’d also like to try and achieve a new world record for under-ice apnoea.”

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