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Who is Marta Bassino ?

“If I think about my future, I dream of a medal, so I'm aiming for one at the world championships and one at the Olympics! "

"Time is everything to me. My biggest challenge is against myself and the time, where every hundredth of a second can make the difference: victory depends on it."

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Maurice Lacroix & Marta Bassino

Marta Bassino turned her hobby for skiing, which she started with her father as a trainer, into a profession. She was right to believe in it and to persevere, as the 23-year-old athlete performs in many disciplines, from Super G to Parallel. But the strength of this athlete, who is part of the Italian Winter Sports Federation, is the Super G where she lines up the medals. In 2014, she won her first Giant Slalom in Sestrières (IT), a magical moment for the athlete who also felt great pride at having won this award so close to home. This was followed by a plethora of victories and several podium finishes in 2020. This young woman, a determined and passionate skier, stands the test of time and finds many similarities between watchmaking and skiing: "The precision of the movement, its elegance and its quality. They are what give me performance. As in watchmaking: the quality and precision of a watch is what makes it successful! "Maurice Lacroix is delighted to follow the exploits of this sportswoman and to accompany her on the road to success!


The aim? "My goal is to reconfirm my value in the discipline of giant slalom and regain the consistency I've lacked in the past."

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