Taking time... with Ben and Leo

Taking time... with Ben and Leo
15 May 2020
Taking time... with Ben and Leo

During this period of quarantine, chef duo Ben and Léo wondered about the notion of time, how it is used, and how it is perceived, both generally speaking and in the world of cuisine. 

For this reason, the friends of the Maurice Lacroix brand wished to completely rethink the new menu of the Café de la Fonderie and present it with the "Renouveau" project. The concept? A series of videos highlighting the notion of time from different angles. We discover the methods used at the Café de la Fonderie, which are often time-honoured, to reveal all the flavours of the produce, as well as the food transformation processes used to bring new tastes to the mouth.

Ben and Léo also wanted to highlight the know-how of Swiss artisans by promoting proximity with local seasonal products. A series of videos allowing everyone to immerse themselves in the world of the Café de la Fonderie and discover the dishes that now await them on site! This project focusing on time is supported by the Maurice Lacroix brand, which was won over by its freshness and approach.


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