You have just bought a luxury timepiece. What a great feeling ! As you walk out of the store, excited and thrilled, you decide to go straight home to open the nice packaging, proudly place the watch on your wrist and maybe even take a first wrist shot to share with your friends. But then suddenly, as you start manipulating your timepiece…you have a doubt. “Am I doing this right?” 

In order to ease the discovery and learning process around your new timepiece, Maurice Lacroix has looked to instill a welcome dose of emotions on top of the usual instructions manual. The innovative and progressive “HOW TO” campaign showcases the Maurice Lacroix watches in their own specific and beautiful environment. The complications are explained in simple terms and the proper handling of the watch can just be observed. Suddenly, the initial customer experience becomes truly enjoyable again. 


This groundbreaking campaign successfully launched in 2014, is now further amplified with the release of another eleven short videos. The watches are unveiled in a pleasant lifestyle decor where carefully selected objects create a real atmosphere. The unique subjective view, showing only the hands, and the original shooting angles and close-ups enables customers to really immerse themselves, as if it were them actually holding the watch in their hands. 


Apart from the latest Pontos and Masterpiece models, where the brand’s incredible craftsmanship and stylish designs can be appreciated, several new ladies watches are now also explained in detail by a female voice-over, providing additional finesse to the images. 


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