In Thailand, the brand’s activities include providing employment, longtail boats, warehousing and equipment in order to gather plastic waste. Maurice Lacroix is also funding educational programmes in the region. As part of a long-term commitment, the luxury marque vows to recover 10 million plastic bottles from the ocean by providing financial support.

Once the plastic bottles have been recovered from the sea, they are sorted, shredded into flakes, washed and compacted close to the point of collection and then transported to #tide in Switzerland. At #tide the flakes are compounded into smaller granules and then combined with an undisclosed formula, culminating in the creation of upcycled plastic. This material is being used to make lots of lovely, brightly coloured AIKON #tide watches. It takes 17 bottles to make one watch and its user-friendly packaging, which means 17 fewer bottles polluting the ocean. 

Are you ready to embark on the road to 10 millions bottles? #JoinTheTide #YourTimeIsNow"

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