21 July 2020

“Everything that happens to me is inextricably linked to time. Time has been on my side since the start of my career. Not least because it has given me the chance to develop myself as an artist,” says Oliver Petszokat, better known by his stage name Oli.P. 

Good timing was what initially led the Berlin-born star to embark on his successful acting career, which he continues to actively pursue to this day, before he turned his attention to music. His passion for this universe can be traced back to his early days and has enabled him to give powerful voice to his heartfelt messages. Oli.P, who can take pride in the fact that his 1998 version of “Flugzeuge im Bauch” was the top selling single that year, associates the passing of time with one watch brand in particular: Maurice Lacroix. 

“My father was and still is a huge fan of the brand. He always wore his Maurice Lacroix with pride and continues to do so to this day. As a small boy, it made a big impression on me. I think that everyone remembers their parents’ favourite brand of watch; for me, it is because my father always said he really rated the brand's quality. So, when I was asked to become a friend of the brand, I was obviously particularly proud because it is something so personal and close to the heart for me,” he beams.  

“We approached Oli.P because we really appreciated the humility with which he has pursued his career. He is an exceptionally talented individual with a close connection to his fans. He is always looking out for new experiences that will allow him to develop,” says Stéphane Waser, Managing Director. “We happened to hear about his special connection to our brand and it all fell into place straightaway.”  

Since Oli.P chose the AIKON as his new favourite watch, it is impossible to imagine him without the brand on his wrist. “I love how the modern, robust design is combined with that real touch of elegance. It suits my style and I can wear it for any occasion. It allows me to express my personality when I appear on TV or perform in one of my videos. For instance, I was really proud to wear it during my new clip “1000 Liebeslieder”. This artist doesn’t want to be pigeonholed and is currently pursuing numerous projects that he’d love to share with the Maurice Lacroix Community, “I can’t tell you what’s coming next. Only time can tell!” concludes Oli.P, with a wink. 


#your time is now, Oli.P! 

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