From Germany to Japan

From Germany to Japan
11 March 2020
From Germany to Japan

The German influencer and friend of the Maurice Lacroix brand Palina Kozykrava put the spotlight on her AIKON 35 mm watch during her last trip to Japan! She was accompanied by her husband Maximilian – who wears his AIKON Venturer with style! 

During their roadshow they criss-crossed the country in search of unique experiences combining tradition and innovation. “I was deeply impressed by the level of respect that people show towards others and everything that surrounds them. Regardless if it is a Business Card, a tea cup, an animal or a good friend, the Japanese treat everything with a unique sense of kindness that is unparalleled in the world.  Thereby Japan constantly proves you that there is still so much room for improvement in your private & business life!”

During their trip, their followers could admire their stylistic audacity: “The AIKON 35mm is the perfect swiss knife among the ladies watches. I am wearing it every day, regardless if I am in the front row of a Paris Fashion Week Show or at the gym. The design is timeless, the quality incomparable and the watch is a really strong statement for itself.” Palina continues to inspire thousands of fashion admirers around the world, her spontaneity as well as her sure taste are certainly not for nothing in her success. Her future projects? “In a few days we will travel back to Asia, this time the South/ Eastern part, to make great content and take our community to new unseen places.”

Discover the watches
  1. AIKON Venturer 43mm AI6058-SS001-330-1
    AIKON Venturer 43mm AI6058-SS001-330-1
    CHF 1,850.00
  2. AIKON Automatic 35 mm AI6006-SS002-370-1
    AIKON Automatic 35mm AI6006-SS002-370-1
    CHF 1,950.00

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