Sarah Forster, the boundless force

Sarah Forster, the boundless force
23 October 2019
Sarah Forster, the boundless force

She excels in defence for the Swiss national ice hockey team, taking part in an endurance sport requires limitless energy. The dynamic Sarah Forster, who has an impressive record of triumphs, is joining Maurice Lacroix’s circle of friends of the brand.

26-year-old Sarah Forster is one of the women who excels and stands out in ice hockey, a sport mainly considered to be for men. “During my training I quickly found myself in a men’s team,” explains the Swiss defender. “It’s a very physical sport where everything moves very fast. Women have to make a name for ourselves, we're not yet recognised as professionals but we're guided by our passion!” This determination impressed Stéphane Waser, Managing Director of Maurice Lacroix. “Sarah is a fighter! Through her commitment and passion, she has demonstrated a modern and open perspective on the world. You need to be brave and bold to accomplish what she's doing. At Maurice Lacroix we value talents like hers and we support them in attaining their goals.” For Sarah, collaborating with Maurice Lacroix was an obvious choice. “I was lucky to have worked for the brand in the past and discovered the different stages of watch design. The watchmakers' know-how and the innovation used to design exclusive timepieces make me even prouder to wear my AIKON 35 mm!” When she visited the factory, she was impressed by the AIKON collection's evolution. “I was overwhelmed by the diversity of styles available for this design, which I had the chance to see at its launch. The brand designs high-quality pieces at affordable prices. As such, it's aimed at regular people, featuring models that they'll want to keep for a long time!”

Her favorite watches
  1. Maurice Lacroix - ELIROS Date 40 мм EL1118-SS002-311-1
    ELIROS Date 40mm EL1118-SS002-311-1
    CHF 650.00
  2. Maurice Lacroix - ELIROS Moonphase 35 мм EL1096-PVP01-150-1
    ELIROS Moonphase 35mm EL1096-PVP01-150-1
    CHF 960.00
  3. Maurice Lacroix - ELIROS Moonphase 35 мм EL1096-SD502-170-1
    ELIROS Moonphase 35mm EL1096-SD502-170-1
    CHF 1,890.00
  4. AIKON Venturer 43mm AI6058-SS001-430-1
    AIKON Venturer 43mm AI6058-SS001-430-1
    CHF 1,850.00
  5. AIKON Automatic 35 mm AI6006-SS002-370-1
    AIKON Automatic 35mm AI6006-SS002-370-1
    CHF 1,950.00

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