20 February 2020

Sometimes, a chance meeting can lead to a wonderful union. In fact, it was this scenario which led to the creation of Stoff und Schnaps, a highly original concept store. Jan Armbruster and Maurice Goedecke shared a common vision, to create an innovative, urban space providing visitors with the opportunity to discover exceptional gins and whiskies while perusing an array of high-end street fashions by ‘Le Garcon Doré’. Le Garcon Doré was also created by the two business partners. The brand’s garments are conceived with an empathy for the planet, being made of sustainable materials such as organic cotton and packaged in recycled plastic.

Jan and Maurice’s talent can be summed up in two words: flair and passion. «We work on instinct. When we encounter brands we feel are destined for success, we seek to represent them. We know what people want, which is why we decided to launch our own clothing brand and our own gin. People are always at the heart of our projects.» Stoff & Schnaps is a story of people, passion, trailblazing, and creativity… qualities which are familiar to Maurice Lacroix. Indeed, these are traits Maurice Lacroix shares with all of its ‘friends’. As Stéphane Waser, Managing Director of Maurice Lacroix, explained: «We were impressed by the great success the ‘Stoff & Schnaps’ concept store has enjoyed since its launch. These gentlemen have flair. But it was only after meeting them both that we felt we could build something together. People and the creation of an innovative legacy are at the centre of their thoughts. They do not compromise on the quality of their products, yet guarantee an affordable price. We are looking forward to conceiving new projects as part of this collaboration».

Joining Maurice Lacroix’s ‘circle of friends’ has proved very exciting for Jan and Maurice. As Jan recently explained, «We love Maurice Lacroix’s modern and dynamic state of mind! As for our AIKONs, they never leave our wrists!”


It has not taken long for Maurice Lacroix, Jan and Maurice to start working together. The urban concept store is the perfect environment for Maurice Lacroix’s AIKON models and the watches now enjoy a prominent position, adjacent to the Le Garcon Doré collection. As Maurice Goedecke explained, «our clientele is young and connected and seek superbly designed pieces at reasonable prices. Maurice Lacroix shares this vision and that’s what we like.»

However, beyond the presence of Maurice Lacroix’s watches in the shop, the idea was also to create something together. Jan Armbruster’s family own a wine shop, hence it was perhaps inevitable that he would ultimately engage in hedonistic pursuits. With his mind brimming with creative thoughts, Jan decided to launch his own gin, named ‘Goldjunge’. Later on, after having visited the Maurice Lacroix Manufacture in Saignelégier in the Swiss Jura where the brand’s watches are made, Jan had the audacious desire to suggest to Maurice Lacroix the creation of a gin inspired by the place. This unique gin, infused with watchmaking spirit, has now been created and is aptly named Aikonic Gin! A blend of Swiss gentian, local mountain herbs, Damassine du Jura – an alcohol made from the fruit of the damson plum tree –, as well as lemon, cardamom and coriander are all combined with a hint of gold, creating a mouthwatering elixir. This latter ingredient forms part of the Goldjunge’s unique identity, conferring floral, aromatic, and contemporary characteristics. Aikonic Gin is now available in the German concept store for the delectation of its customers. Indeed, this is a bit of Saignelégier in Pforzheim, two locations where design and taste sit happily together.

Stay tuned for more projects to come…

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