Timecode, destination: Berlin!

Timecode, destination: Berlin!
28 September 2019
Timecode, destination: Berlin!

Dynamic city, known for its multicultural art scene, Berlin is the new destination for #Timecode!

This race against time, which has already taken place in Japan, France and Switzerland, will now stop in the German capital from 28 September to 5 October. At the end of the week? Many gifts including, for the winner, the AIKON Venturer #TimeCode watch. To try to win it, register on the website: https://timecode.mauricelacroix.com/en/ to access a map of the famous Germanic city. With various clues, be the fastest to find #TimeCode on it. The #TimeCodes can come in different forms: permanent, temporary, physical or virtual... This game requires a knowledge of the city but also speed and skill! Will you be the future owner of the AIKON Venturer #TimeCode?

To learn more and registers, click here:


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