Are you ready for Timecode Zurich?

Are you ready for Timecode Zurich?
3 June 2019
Are you ready for Timecode Zurich?

After London and Oslo, the #TimeCode treasure hunt run by Maurice Lacroix continues to be a crazy race. 

It makes perfect sense for the manufacture to make a stop in its native country, Switzerland. So, from the 3rd to the 9th of June, the city of Zurich will be the playground for the players on a mission to bring back the Holy Grail; in other words, the AIKON Venturer Limited Edition.

The #Timecodes could be hidden anywhere, in locations both physical and virtual. By simply registering on the dedicated platform(, over 7 days the players will gradually discover different #Timecodes on the map of the city. Some are permanent, while others pop up for a while before disappearing, so players must be ready to go at any moment.  The player who accumulates the most time-credits will win the new AIKON Venturer Limited Edition mentioned above.

So, why wait to try your luck?

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