…Your time is now Sarah !

…Your time is now Sarah !
…Your time is now Sarah !

Sarah and the Swiss team shone at the Doha World Championships! They put Switzerland in 4th rank in the world with a new Swiss record in the 4X100m in 42'18, 8 hundredths of the American athletes! Express interview with Sarah Atcho, friends of the brand of Maurice Lacroix.

Maurice Lacroix: Sarah, how did you feel about this race?


Sarah Atcho: I felt that we had the perfect energy at the right time! We felt like we had to make Switzerland proud. 


Maurice Lacroix: Did you expect such a result?


Sarah Atcho: We honestly knew we could do better than the previous races this season. But certainly not that fast and so close to a medal!

Maurice Lacroix: How did the relay training go?


Sarah Atcho:  The fact that we are all so close and friends off the track make training such a joy and an easy task.


Maurice Lacroix, …and now... what is your next goal?


Sarah Atcho: We are all set for Tokyo 2020 but also for the European Championships in August 2020. Just wait for it!

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