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Who is Oli.P ?

"Being able to continue to share emotions with my fans through my different passions."

“The right place, at the right time. My life so far has been a question of timing! Time is a precious ally, a friend. It opens a window for creativity!"

Maurice Lacroix, Friends of the brand, friends, Oli P.

Maurice Lacroix & Oli.P

Oli.P’s life may look like it comes straight from a film: born in Berlin in 1978, he started to dance and take part in competitions from a young age. A succession of coincidences later led this multi-talented artist from dance to music, yet he continued to achieve great success all along the way. The secret to his success? His generosity, the relationship he has with his fans and his great sensitivity. It’s also his memories of Maurice Lacroix that led him to collaborate with the brand: “My dad used to have a Maurice Lacroix. I admired him and thought his watch was really elegant.” “We approached Oli.P because we really appreciated how humble he’s been throughout his career. He’s a really talented individual, who’s connected to his community and always in search of experiences which allow him to grow,” explains Stéphane Waser, Managing Director. We only discovered his link to the brand by chance... but what better friend of the brand could we have chosen?” Today, Oli.P has just released a new single, a tribute to love called “1000 Liebeslieder”, alongside a music video in which he proudly shows off his new AIKON. Maurice Lacroix is already looking forward to sharing his future news with the community!


Music, cinema, dance... Life has always decided my destiny. And I’m counting on it to continue!"


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His favorite watches
  1. AIKON Automatic 42 mm AI6008-PVB01-330-1
    AIKON Automatic 42mm AI6008-PVB01-330-1
    CHF 1,850.00
  2. AIKON Automatic 42mm AI6008-SS002-331-1
    AIKON Automatic 42mm AI6008-SS002-331-1
    CHF 1,750.00

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