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Who is Palina Kozyrava?

“Time is the most valuable thing we possess. We have to make it count and create a life that is worth living every second of the day.”

Palina was born in Belarus and soon discovered her love and passion for fashion. She felt the desire to break out of the confines of the post-Soviet prefabricated buildings, the grey that surrounded her and conquer the world in her own way. She moved to Germany and to Paris for studying. In 2012, she starts a blog on which she shares her favorites, her passion for fashion. Her blog quickly grew in size and the young enthusiast became a reference with several thousand visitors each day on her platforms. Her style, which is at once street, sharp and colourful, appeals as much to her spontaneous personality and close to her readers. It is a combination of luxury and extravagance, but at the same time it stands for the rise of a girl from a prefabricated building, who has made it to the First Row of the Paris Fashion Week. For Palina, this message is an important pillar of her work and equally motivating for those who follow her path. Today, the influencer is active as a blogger, creative director and model. A great fan of urban style and design of models by Maurice Lacroix, Palina never misses an opportunity to highlight the brand in her current instagram feed. Maurice Lacroix will not miss an occasion to spotlights the news of this inspiring and passionate personality!

Maurice Lacroix, Friends of the brand, friends, Palina Kozyrava

The right watch, for each style!

Fashion is a story of details that make the difference. The well-known German influencer and fashion blogger Palina Kozyrava knows that! All self-respecting fashionistas be aware that Fashion week is the time of year when you constantly have to change your outfits, if you want to make a difference. In this post, Palina talks about the ideal watch for each outfit. Dressed in the Eliros and Fiaba collections, she handles each timepiece with style in order to give her outfit the essential accessory that makes everything different...her watch! Discover her style tips in the article below!


Palina Kozyrava wants to continue to inspire her community to make them want to live their own dreams even more fully!

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Her favorite watches
  1. AIKON Automatic 35 mm AI6006-SS002-370-1
    AIKON Automatic 35mm AI6006-SS002-370-1
    CHF 2,000.00

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