Maurice Lacroix is very serious about watchmaking, but it also knows how to have fun. This is the first time a watch company has entered into the world of competitive street dance, upholding Maurice Lacroix’s reputation for being innovative. This latter trait is one of several characteristics the watch brand shares in common with Red Bull.

Red Bull Dance Your Style is a competition where the best Street Dancers from around the globe dance-off, eager to show their moves on stage. Red Bull has long been associated with various genres of dance. Clearly blessed with foresight, the popularity of dance has grown exponentially with dance events now taking place around the globe.

Participants perform in front of an audience that judges competitors simply by brandishing a red or blue card. Events will be held in several prominent cities around the world before the finalists travel to the World Final and put it on the line. Success or failure? It’s up to you.


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