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Who is Ryosuke Sakazume?

“It is essential to take time for yourself every day. We live in a world of constant stress and knowing how to stop and think about your day and what you would like to accomplish differently should not be a luxury: This should be an essential part of it.”

What is one of the first things we see in a person? The statement of his shoes of course! And Ryosuke Sakazume understood this a long time ago! One of his first memories is the joy he felt and his indelible smile he kept when he picked up his first pair of chic shoes from a local shoe store. They were elegant, incredibly bright and immediately give a look to any outfit. Today, every time he sees the shimmering toe cap of his black oxford shoes, he feels a deep sense of pride. Passionate about the skills of the master shoeshineers, he began to learn the old techniques as well as to practice his own techniques to keep his shoes shiny... He started with his own shoes before shining those of others in a local Irish pub in the evening. Ryosuke Sakazume quickly realized that his love for neat shoes was contagious and succeeded in making others want to wear well-kept shoes. From there, he left his full-time job to become an apprentice in a shoemaker's shop in Tokyo to acquire all the know-how in shoe manufacturing and leather processing. Today he has opened his own workshop in Tokyo where he continues to maintain and repair shoes and give valuable advice to his customers. A true enthusiast, he demonstrates and teaches the art of shoeshining at events and workshops throughout Japan.

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His favorite watch
  1. Maurice Lacroix - PONTOS Day Date 41mm PT6358-SS001-130-1
    PONTOS Day Date 41mm PT6358-SS001-130-1
    CHF 1,590.00

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