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Who is Ryotracks?

«Time is definitely passing too fast! To seduce your audience with your music, you only have a few minutes! At the same time, when your audience is with you and you perform for an entire evening, time stops and seems to have lasted only a second!»

As a child, Ryotracks did not play with trucks like other children... His passion was already music! This young artist already loved the different possible nuances of music. Often expensive, he unfortunately did not have access to instruments. It was on television that he discovered beatboxing. The art of making music by imitating instruments only with your mouth and singing. Soon, the diversity of possibilities opened up to him and inspired the young artist. Today, music is at the heart of Ryotracks' interests and he has made it his profession. He travels throughout Japan and abroad where he performs in various clubs and concerts. And sometimes even, if you are lucky, you will discover the enthusiast performing in a busy street in Tokyo with a microphone in hand!

Les amis de la marque, Maurice Lacroix, Ryotracks

Ryotracks is in the place!

Discover the rhythmic and vibrating sounds of Maurice Lacroix's friend, Ryotracks through a video directed by Maurice Lacroix where we follow him in his musical universe!

Ryotracks x #Timecode

How better to celebrate the end of the TIMECODE treasure hunt held last August in Osaka than by inviting our favourite beatboxer to perform on site? In order to congratulate the winner of this pursuit race through time, Maurice Lacroix organised an event to present the Aikon Venturer #Timecode watch to the winner! During this event the beatboxer put on a performance that set the pace for the evening!


To propagate its vision of music and make it loved by a worldwide audience.

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