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Who is Sandra Lahnsteiner ?

"One of my dreams is to visit Greenland and get closer to the people, understand their customs and explore the country on my skis!"

"I cherish the time I am given and I dedicate a lot of it to working on my ideas - whether it be on a professional project behind my computer screen or up in the mountains."

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Maurice Lacroix & Sandra Lahnsteiner

Practically born on skis, Sandra has kept this childhood memory with her ever since. Growing up in Austria, she discovered the sport which, much more than a job, has become a real passion: “I feel free when I’m doing this activity. None of the stages were easy, I had to fight, but I'm very thankful that I was able to make it my profession,” says the athlete enthusiastically. After being able to ski all over the world, the unfaltering Sandra always enjoys herself and doesn’t plan to stop here. It’s this fighting spirit and constant positivity that appealed to Stéphane Waser, Managing Director of the brand. “Her many passions show her modernity and open-mindedness. We are proud to welcome her to our pool of friends!” As for Sandra, she’s delighted to wear a brand that reflects her personality:  “Maurice Lacroix watches are characterised by a strong design, they are elegant and sporty, and I can even change the strap to adapt the look of the piece!” Today, the sportswoman is continuing her career while also managing her production company and platform “Shades of Winter” and aiming to honour female athletes. Her goal? To create the life she wants to live. Maurice Lacroix will certainly be showcasing Sandra’s future news!


“Continuing to grow my production company “Shades of Winter” while connecting with as many female athletes as possible."

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