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Who is Sarah Forster?

“My sleeping schedule, my training schedule and my treatments all are timed down to the minute in my days! I never have a moment to relax. I have a fast-paced athletic lifestyle since I travel around the world for my job. Time dictates my day and is ever-present in the back of my mind”.

We could say that Sarah Forster’s life can be compared to that of a globetrotter! For part of the year, Forster plays defence for the Swiss national ice hockey team, during the other party of the year she excels in the Brynäs IF club in Sweden. These two activities give her a certain endurance as the she also has to travel around the world to play matches. Sarah Forster is one of the athletes who isn't afraid of anything. At 26 years old and basically born with skates on her feet, she quickly realised that the speed and reactivity required for a sport like ice hockey was made for her. Bronze medallist in the 2014 Sochi Olympic Games and a participant in the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics, she doesn’t plan on stopping... One thing is sure, we will not miss the achievements of this force of nature!


Helping Switzerland and Sweden to stand out in the upcoming matches, and then preparing for her objectives in the world championships and the Olympic games.

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Her favorite watches
  1. Maurice Lacroix - ELIROS Date 40 мм EL1118-SS002-311-1
    ELIROS Date 40mm EL1118-SS002-311-1
    CHF 650.00
  2. Maurice Lacroix - ELIROS Moonphase 35 мм EL1096-PVP01-150-1
    ELIROS Moonphase 35mm EL1096-PVP01-150-1
    CHF 960.00
  3. Maurice Lacroix - ELIROS Moonphase 35 мм EL1096-SD502-170-1
    ELIROS Moonphase 35mm EL1096-SD502-170-1
    CHF 1,890.00
  4. AIKON Venturer 43mm AI6058-SS001-430-1
    AIKON Venturer 43mm AI6058-SS001-430-1
    CHF 1,850.00
  5. AIKON Automatic 35 mm AI6006-SS002-370-1
    AIKON Automatic 35mm AI6006-SS002-370-1
    CHF 1,950.00

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