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Who are Maurice Goedecke and Jan Armbruster?

“Our goal is to become a leading platform for the physical and virtual sale of innovative products!”

“Time is the most limited thing on earth and it is priceless. The richest people in the world are those who spend time with the people they love doing the things that interest them.”

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Maurice Lacroix & Maurice Goedecke & Jan Armbruster

What is the skill that Maurice Goedecke and Jan Armbruster possess? They have a remarkable ability to make decisions based on instinct. This is how the Stoff & Schnaps concept store project began life.

This retail concept combines cutting-edge fashion brands with a fine selection of exceptional spirits. Furthermore, the two entrepreneurs have not stopped there. Shortly after the two men met, they created their own brand of clothing made of organic cotton as well as their own brand of gin called ‘Goldjunge’.

Today, the concept which the duo created in Pforzheim is enjoying international success with various famous devotees appreciating their collections. The two entrepreneurs are also forward-thinking, connected and curious about everything life has to offer. They share these traits with Maurice Lacroix, a brand they are both proud to represent. Indeed, as Jan explained "We love Maurice Lacroix’s modern and dynamic state of mind. As for our AIKONs, they never leave our wrists and the shop because we also sell the AIKON there”. Moreover, Jan went on to explain “Being part of the brand's circle of friends really motivates us because we like the idea that Maurice Lacroix accompanies people while they pursue their goals and projects.”

Jan Armbruster is from a family of epicureans. Therefore, it is not surprising that a daring idea crossed his mind, namely to create a gin inspired by the place where Maurice Lacroix's collections are born, Saignelégier. After his initial visit to the Maurice Lacroix Manufacture in the Swiss Jura, Jan developed a gin infused with watchmaking spirit, Aikonic Gin!A blend of Swiss gentian, local mountain herbs, Damassine du Jura – an alcohol made from the fruit of the damson plum tree –, as well as lemon, cardamom and coriander are all combined with a hint of gold, creating a mouthwatering elixir. This latter ingredient forms part of Goldjunge’s unique identity, conferring floral, aromatic and contemporary characteristics. "This gin represents the perfect fusion of our two worlds," enthuses Stéphane Waser, Managing Director of Maurice Lacroix. Thus, Aikonic Gin proudly takes its place in the German concept store. A bit of Saignelégier in Pforzheim...


The aim?

“We want to grow Stoff & Schnaps by opening in other major cities. As for our brand "Le Garcon Doré", we want it to take a prominent place in the fashion industry.”

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