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Who is Tetsu Kasuya?

«Time can be synonymous of excellence. The time to prepare a good coffee, the time to know how to enjoy it at its true value... For me, time represents quality!»

Do you know the quote: “yes, but first coffee?” Coffee, we could say that it is what represents Tetsu Kasuya's universe. The barista, 2016 Worlds Brewers Cup Champion became passionate about this universe by chance. Indeed, due to health problems, Tetsu Kasuya had to change his eating habits by replacing soft drinks in particular. The coffee came naturally to him at that time. His very first? A disaster! While the experience could have discouraged him, he made it a strength by exciting for this universe so specific and universal at the same time. Next to the contests he does out of love for coffee. Tetsu Kasuya's has also opened its own trendy coffee shop in Chiba, Japan. The quality of the coffee it offers has made it famous throughout the country since it now distributes its coffee produced by craftsmen throughout the country and even beyond. Besides, Maurice Lacroix appreciates his vision of coffee so much that we realised with his brand “Philocoffea” specially for our customers, a trendy set for the coffee addicts! Because a good coffee never waits...

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Immerse yourself into the world of Tetsu Kasuya!

To know everything about the world of coffee that animates Tetsu Kasuya, discover our video! He explains his passion, the subtle aromas of coffee, how to work with it but also how to enjoy it... Just like tea, coffee is a ritual that can only be enjoyed if it is made with excellence.... good tasting!


He wishes to continue to be surprised by discovering new coffee flavours... A good way to make his customers travel!

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