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Who is Yusuke Sato?

« Time represents for me moments of life that I capture. As a photographer, I can catch minutes that pass forever. »

At night, the city gives way to another world. The bright and colourful lights of the signs replace the colours of the sky, other faces appear. Yusuke Sato knows all this well. That's why, once night falls, he turns into a street photographer. Fascinated by this nocturnal world, he walks the nooks and crannies of Shibuya, camera in hand, to photograph night owls, artists, street scenes sometimes confusing but always fascinating! Through his lens, he has met many inspiring individuals that are chasing after their dreams. His urban, contemporary and touching vision is compelling and does not leave fans of ice photography unaware of his undeniable talent. This is the case of Maurice Lacroix who recognised in this photographer a very modern vision of today's cities.

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Our night with Yusuke Sato!

We introduced you to our friend of the brand, the talented Yusuke Sato photographer. Today, and in order to immerse you more fully in his universe, we followed him for a whole night in the streets of Shibuya so that you could immerse yourself in his universe... the journey begins now!


He wants to be more and more surprised by the scenes he discovers every day, but he also likes the idea of capturing attention through his creations!

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