Indulging in Benzilla's boundless creativity offers a sure path to both delight and reflection. Through his artistic practice, he endeavours to evoke joy while providing a critical, external perspective on the happenings of our world. Discover a collection of limitless potential.

No canvas too big

Thanks to his sharp eye and thirst for learning, the Bangkok-born and raised artist has made a name for himself in a highly competitive field. Inspired by cartoons, his colourful art revolves around an instantly recognisable, three-eyed alien named LOOOK. From the walls of the street to captivating canvases in galleries, Benzilla's works bring us to a colourful world that aims to make us smile, and think.

Unleashed creativity

Facing numerous challenges along the way, Benzilla’s unwavering motivation has consistently been the driving force behind giving life to his art. His attention to detail and forward-thinking mindset immediately won us over. We saw in him a talent that would seamlessly enhance the brand's circle of friends.