Lidija Lijic

Descending into the depths like an anchor or gladly climbing in the mountains. Croatian freediver Lidija Lijic epitomises a level of superhuman prowess rarely witnessed. Remarkably, amidst her accomplishments, she remains incredibly humble and approachable.

From the blue depth…

Diving, mountaineering and flying gliders in her spare time, Lidija knows all that is marvellous in the earth, sea, air and skies. However, Lijic's journey to success has never been a long quiet river, as she experienced failure and extraordinary comebacks in greater measure than most. This well-rounded athlete, who achieved the impressive time of 5 minutes 43 seconds in freediving - in addition to 6 world records and multiple world champion titles - still has more underwater dreams she hopes to fulfil.

… to pursue horizons

Due to the nature of her practice, which demands synchronisation with her surroundings, Lidija is acutely aware of her role in the natural world. Channelling her deep fervour for adrenaline into the preservation of marine environments, she remains committed to exploring the world's stunning waters with a strong sense of duty.