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Who is Adil Dyani ?

"I have a close relationship with time. First of all, since I won the world record for "Bomb drop" in 2012, I have been waiting for several years for someone else to break my record! Maybe this is a new challenge for me? Time guides my days and projects because I never have time to waste! "

Pushing your limits and facing your fears... Adil Dyani is used to it! A professional skateboarder from Oslo, he has had a professional career at the international level, notably in the United States. A true enthusiast, we can no longer count the records of this accomplished sportsman who participated in the skateboarding world cup. He is also known to have achieved a world record by making free fall of 9.39 meters without a tool connected to his body. Adil Dyani is recognised as one of the legends of the industry.

Les amis de la marque, Maurice Lacroix, Adil Dyani


Continue to surprise its fans by surpassing themselves! Adil Dyani is currently preparing to set a new world record: Bomb Drop and Air. 

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