Success is a journey, not a destination!




How do you define success? At Maurice Lacroix we believe that success is a journey not a destination. Success does not consist of our achievements but of the path we take to reach our goals, this is about our successes and failures and the lessons we have learned from them. With this mindset everybody is able to achieve great things. So What are you waiting for? #YourTimeIsNow


Maurice Lacroix is proud of the brand’s crew of friends: athletes, artists, entrepreneurs, etc. Each comes from a different field, yet they all represent the Maurice Lacroix ethos: Success is a journey, not a destination. Believing in your talent means, above all, knowing how to learn from your successes as well as failures, all while never losing sight.



The #PulseOfTheCity is the metronome of every thought, creation and watch of Maurice Lacroix. From our communication, to our products, everything is inspired by cities, their vibration, their energy.


Passionate about every aspect of the urban life, Maurice Lacroix wants to explore them all through interesting and vibrating activities. We believe in the #UrbanActiveSpirit. Anything can happen, there are no borders, no limits.


Maurice Lacroix goes even further in its vision of an active and urban brand, conquering cities by inviting consumers to enjoy unique experiences. For this reason, capturing the urban spirit, Maurice Lacroix associates its image with a variety of activities with key partnerships that make the heart of the city beat.



Over the centuries, to the credit of the innovative spirit and perfectionism of its watchmakers, Switzerland has earned a one-of-a-kind reputation. Maurice Lacroix is committed to uphold this tradition and high standard of watchmaking craftsmanship.

For more than 40 years, Maurice Lacroix watches have been manufactured in the company’s own state-of the-art workshops in Saignelegier.

Here, all factors critical to the successful production of excellent watches with high perceived value converge: watchmaking know-how, skilled craftsmanship, industrial expertise, technological capability, and, not least, a pronounced sense of quality. #MasterYourTime with Maurice Lacroix!

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