A Successful Season for Lausanne 3x3

A Successful Season for Lausanne 3x3
21 November 2019
A Successful Season for Lausanne 3x3

Since the beginning of the collaboration between Maurice Lacroix and Lausanne 3x3, the team has travelled the world to play with the world’s greatest teams. 

No defeat has overtaken the passion and commitment of the young athletes who, match after match, have redoubled their ingenuity and technique to win. After the world final which has just taken place in Japan, here are our 3 questions to the Lausanne 3x3 team composed of Natan, Gilles, Westher and Marco.


Maurice Lacroix: Overall, how was the season for you?

Team Lausanne 3x3: particularly good! Our objective was to be in the top 10 in the world by participating in 5 Challengers and 2 Masters. The result: we played 10 Challengers and 5 Masters matches and finished in the very noble 12th place in the world at the World Tour! An adventure where we were able to count on the support of our partners and the public! In fact, we are now one of the Swiss teams with the greatest commitment to social networks, for which we are both proud and very grateful!


Maurice Lacroix: Tell us about the final in Japan?

Team Lausanne 3x3: It was a very nice surprise for us because we qualified at the last minute … a great reward for all our efforts! Unfortunately, our ‘usual’ team was not complete because Nathan had another game on the same date. It weakened us even though we fought and played a great game against Piran.


Maurice Lacroix: Finally, after this very important step, what is your next goal?

Team Lausanne: Unfortunately, we will not be able to participate in the Olympic Games. Indeed, among the criteria was the promotion by the federation in the country of origin of each team. Unfortunately, this was not the case in Switzerland. It will take time, but we are not discouraged and take it as a new challenge. That’s why in parallel to our preparation for the 2020 season, we aim to create a Swiss league and a children’s camp for our discipline! There are many challenges and we are not going to stop there!


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