Aikon Quartz Chrono 44 mm Camouflage: An everyday ally to face off in the urban jungle!

Aikon Quartz Chrono 44 mm Camouflage: An everyday ally to face off in the urban jungle!
24 April 2019
Aikon Quartz Chrono 44 mm Camouflage: An everyday ally to face off in the urban jungle!

A vital piece of kit when clearing your way through the urban jungle, the Aikon Quartz Chrono Camouflage melts into the background, yet still stands out. It’s masculine, modern and totally on trend, catching the eye even while you forget you’re wearing it. Channelling the aesthetic codes of streetwear, this totally unprecedented example of high quality watchmaking makes a bold design statement.

The timeless camouflage pattern, invented during the First World War, looks just as fresh more than a century later. It never ages because it’s so infinitely open to new interpretations. Maurice Lacroix elected to go with a chic variant of a camo pattern for this limited series of 500 timepieces. The random design in motley shades of grey is a perfect match for the concrete, tarmac, and glass facades that typify today’s urban environments, and the world of Maurice Lacroix. Camouflaging covers the entire surface of the chronograph in the Aikon Quartz family. This uninterrupted medley of shapes spreading across its dial, case and strap combine to create a design that is both uniform and variegated at the same time. The advantage of camouflage is that it blends in with almost everything. In an era where streetwear is the new uniform and we celebrate urban culture by merging it with fashion at every level, street camo is right at the heart of the zeitgeist. For the first time in the history of watchmaking, this über-cool pattern is used not just on a dial, nor just on a strap, but over the entire surface of a streamlined watch.

AIKON CHRONOGRAPH CAMOUFLAGE 44MM, Maurice Lacroix, new watch, watches, AI1018-PVB02-336-1

  1. AIKON Chronograph Camouflage 44mm AI1018-PVB02-336-1
    AIKON Chronograph Camouflage 44mm AI1018-PVB02-336-1
    1,490.00 €

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