Let's go to Turkey for Time Code!

Let's go to Turkey for Time Code!
18 November 2019
Let's go to Turkey for Time Code!

Istanbul: one of the oldest and largest cities in Europe. A dynamic place where both entertainment and activities are not lacking! 

It was therefore natural for Maurice Lacroix to organize the game #TIMECODE! Indeed, from November 18 to 24, gamers will have to search the city to collect the #TIMECODES as quickly as possible. The rules of the game are simple: find as many #TIMECODES as possible as soon as possible with the virtual and physical clues revealed by Maurice Lacroix. Knowing the city well will be an undeniable asset for each gamer since some codes are permanent while others are temporary! What can we win?  The watch AIKON Venturer #TIMECODE, limited edition to 500 timepieces.

Thousands of people participated in the game held all over the world... why not you?


Try your luck by registering on the following site:





  1. AIKON Venturer 43mm AI6058-SS002-431-1
    AIKON Venturer 43mm LIMITED EDITION AI6058-SS002-431-1
    2,290.00 €

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