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Who is Yosef Wolde-Mariam ?

"My relationship with time began in a sad way: when a friend's father died, family inheritance disputes came into play. My friend only asked to inherit his watch because it represented a strong symbolism for him. This idea has made its way into me as a father. I want the same for my children. Fan of watchmaking, I have a lot of respect for the craftsmanship and design of watches, they represent something important to me. It is essential for me to leave this legacy. In addition to this aspect, my schedule is set like a clock. Every minute I have the chance to spend with my family counts. So time is my most precious ally."

His passion? The music! In fact, Yosef Wolde-Mariam has made it his job! Born in Norway, this singer is known to form with Tshawe Baqwa the Norwegian music group Madcon. This communicative and energetic duo mixes funk, soul and hip-hop music. The band is best known for the single Beggin' which was ranked number one in France for several weeks. The group's rhythmic music has been used in various films. Yosef is also knowing for participating in various reality shows like The Voice. Maurice Lacroix loves the positive energy of this music lover and is looking forward to listening to his next hits!

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Yosef Wolde Mariam wants to keep the crowds dancing! For this reason, he will produce with Madcon other timeless music!

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