Maurice Lacroix continues the extraordinary adventure with Wallpaper*

Maurice Lacroix and Wallpaper* Magazine: back again for another dazzling ride

A few years ago, Maurice Lacroix decided to partner with Wallpaper and embarked on an exciting adventure which consisted of reinventing the Pontos watch thanks to the participation of outstanding designers. The informed reader will remember that in 2009, product designer Gwenaël Nicolas, industrial designer Arik Levy and fashion designer Neil Barrett redesigned the “Pontos Decentrique GMT” watch. All the proceeds went to charities chosen by the artists.

The newest chapter of our fruitful partnership with the world’s top global design magazine Wallpaper* was revealed on June 8th in its latest issue. 
This year, it will be legendary architect Jean Nouvel and star designer Oki Sato, of Nendo, who will have the honour to reinterpret the Pontos Day Date. The Pontos collection is a subtle mix of Swiss Savoir Faire and high-tech material. Its pure aesthetic perfectly combines craftsmanship and design.
The time is now for Jean Nouvel and Oki Sato, two designers from different generations and approaches to their work, to lead Pontos to uncharted territories.

Stay tuned for updates on their design!



  • 2018年7月23日

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  • 2018年8月1日


  • 2018年8月1日

    #MYTIMEISNOW - 3人の人物、3つのストーリー、3つのシーズン

    モーリス・ラクロアは、3シーズンからなるウェブムービーを発表します。このシリーズの特徴は、シーズン毎に1人の人物がストーリーを繰り広げます。 一人一人がそれぞれのヒストリーや軌跡を持ち、時に人生の困難に直面してきました。しかし、彼らは、自らの強さを見出し、絶えず前進し続けます。 それぞれのストーリーをご覧ください!
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