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Brand - Our Commitment


At Maurice Lacroix we believe responsible businesses should embrace sustainability, endeavouring to minimise the environmental impact of their actions. For this reason, we consider the design of our products, the materials we use, the conduct of our suppliers and the working conditions of our employees.

In 2022, we announced a new partnership with #tide, a specialist in ‘upcycling ocean-bound plastic waste’. As part of this initiative, we agreed to sponsor plastic collection activities, pay for longtail boats, warehouses and other types of equipment as well as fund educational programmes.

The case of the AIKON #tide is made using revolutionary technology that converts ocean-bound plastic waste into brightly coloured AIKON #tide watches. We have also used this sustainable approach for various forms of packaging, again executed in a variety of colours.

Currently, only 9% of plastic in the world is recycled. Working in collaboration with #tide, we wish to change this. We are committed to recovering 10 million bottles from the seas surrounding various islands in Thailand as well as Indonesia and the Philippines, an objective we should meet in 2024. We wish to make the oceans cleaner and play a part in making the planet a little better.


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