At Maurice Lacroix, we believe that success is a journey, not a destination. We never rest but continuously advance in our quest for excellence. Along the way, we continue to discover new technologies, conceive new ideas and produce new models that deliver high perceived value.

“Since 1975, we have created several interesting new products as well as engaging with new audiences using imaginative promotional strategies. Furthermore, we have endeavoured to mitigate the impact of our activities on the environment by introducing sustainability initiatives such as #tide.

Our expertise was widely known within the watch industry; hence we were entrusted to craft private label watches for others. However, we then made a strategic decision to make watches bearing our own name. Furthermore, we developed an in-house movement, a bold step at the time. We’ve repeatedly shown our creativity, conceiving iconic watches such as the Masterpiece, Calypso and now the AIKON. Throughout our history, we have continuously improved our products, refining their design, using new materials and conceiving fresh ideas which enhance the ownership experience. We have also been inventive when it comes to marketing, partnering with FC Barcelona and appealing to Millennials with #CHASEYOURWATCH, #Timecode, the ML Crew and embracing urban-themes. Underpinning everything we do are the products we make. They fuse great design, functionality and quality while upholding our reputation for delivering high perceived value.

We’ve come a long way, created many groundbreaking watches, conceived several ingenious promotional initiatives and wholeheartedly embraced sustainability. Our journey is far from over, but then again, we believe life’s a journey not a destination.”

Stephane Waser, Managing Director, Maurice Lacroix


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