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Success is not measured by the number of material possessions collected but rather the freedom of an individual to pursue their passions and honestly express their personalities. Moreover, success is a lifelong journey not a destination, requiring an individual to overcome adversity and realise their potential. It is only with continued success that dreams come true and an individual achieves iconic status. 

Maurice Lacroix reveals the perfect timepiece for those who seek success and demonstrate their resolve each day, the Maurice Lacroix Aikon. Be your Aikon. Your time is now. 

Those individuals who achieve success never give up. They do not necessarily follow convention, often treading their own path in order to realise their dreams. Success is not a straight road, it can take many turns and present numerous challenges along the way. The truly ambitious never cease to progress, inspired to persevere despite sometimes encountering hardship on life’s journey.


 An athlete must exhibit an inner belief that they will achieve sporting greatness. Many successful sporting figures have experienced personal injury as they explore the limits of human performance. Despite suffering pain and occasional disappointment, a true competitor never gives up, retaining self-belief and continuing to aim for medal-winning glory. The pursuit of success is not merely restricted to the domain of sport. 


 An entrepreneur chooses to create a product or service which often delivers something new. Self-confidence, unconventional ways and an unwavering focus haves led to the realisation of several innovative products. By pursuing unexplored areas of commerce interesting discoveries are made and new icons are born. 


The skill of a ballet dancer is to exhibit perfect timing, moving with beauty and poise. Each limb glides with absolute precision and the shapes formed with the torso expertly replicate each musical note heard. Inside, the dancer feels their heart racing and muscles aching but through training and experience they only reveal composure and elegance. The finest female practitioners of ballet with continued application may achieve their goal, becoming a prima ballerina and legendary in their field.


Maurice Lacroix recognises that many individuals pursue success, believing in what they are doing and never giving up. The Swiss watch company has conceived an iconic, contemporary timepiece with six ‘arms’ embracing its stylish bezel, the Maurice Lacroix Aikon. This watch exhibits an elegant appearance, features a highly precise quartz movement and, courtesy of Maurice Lacroix’s manufacturing expertise, exhibits excellent quality. Indeed, this rare blend of attributes makes this timepiece an Aikon and perfectly benefits those individuals seeking success and iconic status.


Be your Aikon. Your time is now.

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