22 February 2019

The AIKON concept takes on a new shape. After AIKON Quartz in 2016 and the automatic line in 2018 comes the AIKON Venturer. It features all the components of the AIKON spirit: comfort, design and visual impact. 

This robust piece is designed for the intense, fast-paced life of major metropolises. Its modern characteristics are a perfect match for the workers who breathe life into the city.

Fully equipped for the challenges of everyday life, the AIKON Venturer is intended for today’s adventurers. Powerful, legible and comfortable, its sleek design marks it out as an unmistakable AIKON. Measuring 43 mm and water-resistant to 300 metres, this steel piece is a very sporty, elegant watch designed for everyday wear, for all occasions. Indeed, its unidirectional rotating bezel incorporates a countdown function that can measure any time, all the time, in any situation.

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  1. AIKON Venturer 43mm AI6058-SS001-430-1
    AIKON Venturer 43mm AI6058-SS001-430-1
    $ 1,890.00
  2. AIKON Venturer 43mm AI6058-SS002-430-1
    AIKON Venturer 43mm AI6058-SS002-430-1
    $ 1,990.00
  3. AIKON Venturer 43mm AI6058-SS001-330-1
    AIKON Venturer 43mm AI6058-SS001-330-1
    $ 1,890.00
  4. AIKON Venturer 43mm AI6058-SS002-330-1
    AIKON Venturer 43mm AI6058-SS002-330-1
    $ 1,990.00


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