New season, new tastes!

New season, new tastes!
18 October 2019
New season, new tastes!

Autumn is here with its trees of a thousand and one colours... but also autumn has brought its many flavours! It is one of the favourite seasons for chefs who have fun delighting our taste buds... and the chef duo Ben and Leo are no exception!

With a Maurice Lacroix watch on the wrist, Ben was inspired by seasonal products to create the autumn tasting menu, which can be discovered at the Café de la Fonderie in Fribourg!

A menu that leaves gives way to flavours; a deer carpaccio accompanied by parsnips and sea buckthorn or even the deer entrecote with its buckwheat spaetzlis...a real pleasure for the palate! And since our chef duo is never short of ideas, the establishment now offers to have fun on Wednesday evenings with "funky Wednesdays". The concept is simple: a creative cuisine with four themed dishes and a DJ or musician to make your Wednesdays as festive as your Friday nights!

Discover what Café de la Fonderie’s new menu has to offer at:


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