Maurice Lacroix kicks off a different kind of treasure hunt. #Timecode is played online in almost ten cities around the world, with players rushing to keep up with the passing time. Winners will receive the first models in a limited edition of the AIKON Venturer watch, custom-designed for the occasion and released in a series of 500. 

Once again, an online Maurice Lacroix platform demonstrates the brand’s engagement with the urban realm of millennials who appreciate fine watches. Interactive, fast-moving, ephemeral and communal, #Timecode interacts with digital natives through constantly-updated content available at


The aesthetics of the AIKON Venturer Limited Edition share the same contemporary, dynamic spirit as the #Timecode game. This is a watch made for urban adventurers who don’t like to play it safe. Anyone can take part, and to be in with a chance of winning one of the AIKON Venturer Limited Edition watches, all you have to do is sign up at The aim of the game is collect as many time-credits or #Timecode as you can by exploring a city... In all its hidden corners, as well as places that are signposted.

For eight days in each city, the #Timecode will appear on a map in constantly changing locations, or via a series of clues that can be found on social media. Once players have located the #Timecode, they must go and physically collect them and activate them on their smartphone. Some are permanent, while others pop up for a while before disappearing, so players must be ready to go at any moment. The winner will be the person who has collected most #Timecode at the end of the game

Are you up for the challenge? Stay logged in to social media and the dedicated website from now on to find out which city in the world will host the next Timecode experience!

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As the first fresh iteration of the new AIKON Venturer, the Limited Edition channels the same aesthetic codes as that urban adventurer’s watch. The AIKON Venturer is equipped to meet the challenges of every day, with a robust, easy-to-read and comfortable design whose honed elegance marks it out as an AIKON. Measuring 43 mm and water-resistant to 300 metres, this steel piece is an elegant sports watch designed for everyday wear in any circumstance. Its unidirectional rotating bezel incorporates a countdown function that can measure any time, all the time, in any situation.

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