Wake up, Moscow - TimeCode is here!

Wake up, Moscow - TimeCode is here!
4 November 2019
Wake up, Moscow - TimeCode is here!

Race against time that had already took place in Japan, France, Switzerland, Germany and United States now arrives to the capital of Russia - TimeCode starts in Moscow on November 4.

Within 7 days, players who really know their city will have to collect secret codes, meaning hours and minutes in the game - and reach maximum time to win the new limited edition model #AIKON Venturer #TIMECODE.

You need to act fast - the codes can be found in different places in the city, offline and online: some are valid for a week week, others - only for a limited time.

Register in the game and get access to the map of the Russian capital, try to collect as many Timecodes as possible, using hints and your phone with Android or IOS.


Prove your knowledge of Moscow and perhaps you will become the future owner of AIKON Venturer #TimeCode!

This limited edition model of 500 pieces was created specially for #TimeCode game and purposed for those city heroes who will win the race against time!


Find out more information and join the game:



#TIMECODE #TimecodeMoscow

  1. AIKON Venturer 43mm AI6058-SS002-431-1
    AIKON Venturer 43mm LIMITED EDITION AI6058-SS002-431-1
    $ 2,490.00

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