The Timecode game is coming to Osaka!

The Timecode game is coming to Osaka!
10 August 2019
The Timecode game is coming to Osaka!

What if you were the future winner of the AIKON Venturer #Timecode?

The Japanese city known for its innovative architecture will welcome from August 10th to 16th players ready to take up the challenge offered by Maurice Lacroix and called #Timecode. What is it? A treasure hunt for a chance to win the AIKON Venturer Limited Edition!

Following the successful treasure hunt in Tokyo (plus 7 other cities) last year with #chaseyourwatch, Maurice Lacroix has upgraded the experience and will challenge players to get to know their city by collecting #TIMECODES from iconic places and finding hidden codes online. The finalists will be the ones who collect the most #TIMECODES at the end of the week.

Furthermore, an event will be held in Osaka City on August 17th to celebrate the conclusion of the game in Osaka, as well as the launch of the limited edition Venturer for #Timecode. This watch is made for urban adventurers who don’t like to play it safe…

…are you up for the challenge?


Read more and register here:

#TIMECODE #TimecodeOsaka


We have reached the end of  the game Timecode Osaka!

Thank you to all those who participated in this wonderful urban adventure. 

Congratulations to Satoru Abe who is the lucky winner of Timecode Osaka. He wins the AIKON Venturer 43mm LIMITED EDITION.

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